12 Jun

Excellencies, Dear Co-Chairs,

Dear Colleagues,

As we are coming to the end of this yearssession of the IGN process, allow me to acknowledge all efforts aiming at finding practical solutions, bringing positions closer and achieving progress on the very important question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council. We appreciate the friendly atmosphere in which the negotiations are conducted, we hope that this will allow for a positive and solid outcome this year.

Dear Co-Chairs,

After carefully reviewing the further revised “Food for Thoughtpaper circulated in the letter of the PGA on 7th June, Hungary welcomes the changes made and agrees with the overall scope and content of the document.

We welcome in particular the introductory and first general parts that make clear reference to the main documents relevant for the IGN on the Security Council reform. We reiterate our belief that these documents need to be considered as important basis to build our future discussions upon.

We also welcome the new elements added to the general commonalities in the first part, such as the reference to the widespread agreement that exists among members states, not only on the need for a timely and warranted enlargement, but also on the fact that the enlargement should enable the Council to reflect the realities of the contemporary world.

We strongly agree with the reference in section I. point 3. stating that certain areas of the working methods of the Council will need to be addressed as a result of the enlargement. In this respect let me reiterate that we see merit in separating the question that will require Charter amendments, from those that we can address in the current IGN format as well as from those elements that the new Council will have to decide on.

In section II. point 5. on the question of the veto, we acknowledge the list of various options discussed during the negotiations. In this context, we would like to flag the growing support of member states for the ACT Group’s Code of Conduct

to prevent or stop atrocity crimes as well as for the French-Mexican proposal on the voluntary restraint of veto power. In our view, the practical implementation of these could lead to a solution on a longer term to this current stumbling block.

On the issue of the rotation scheme of the Council Presidency, I would like to underline that the chairmanship gives a unique chance for non-permanent members to show their commitment and contribution to the maintenance of international peace and security. The Council Presidency is also a very powerful tool of ensuring equitable regional representation of not only Council seats but also of issues brought to the Council’s agenda.

Finally, we note with appreciation the general support expressed during this years’ IGN to the request for a second non-permanent seat for the Eastern European Group that fits into all enlargement models in discussion.

To conclude, we would like to echo again the request of many delegations for the need to start text based negotiations on the reform. We consider the revised ‘Food for Thought’ document as a good basis for this long-waited step forward and we acknowledge with appreciation that this desire of the member states is now noted in the document.

Dear Co-Chairs,

Allow me to assure you that Hungary will continue to actively engage in future IGN processes and reiterates its full support for finding compromise solutions. After 25 years of consideration we need political will for this. In this regard, we are interested in hearing the Co-Chairsproposal on the way forward.

I thank you for your attention. 

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