3 Jun

Statement delivered by Ambassador Katalin Bogyay to introduce draft resolution A/69/L.72, entitled “World Statistics Day”, held on 3 June 2015.

Mr. President,

I have the honor to introduce draft resolution A/69/L.72, entitled “World Statistics Day” under agenda item 13 (a)

By adopting the resolution, the General Assembly will designate 20 October 2015 as the second World Statistics Day under the general theme “Better data. Better lives”. The resolution calls on Member States, members of UN specialized agencies, the UN system, other international and regional organizations, and all other stakeholders to observe the day in an appropriate manner. The General Assembly will also decide to celebrate World Statistics Day every five years on 20 October.

Achieving consensus after just two rounds of informal consultations, the text builds on GA resolution 64/267 designating 20 October 2010 as World Statistics Day and follows up on Decision 45/113 of the Statistical Commission. The proposal does not create any additional program budget implications for the United Nations system.

Mr. President,

Hungary’s interest in the issue of statistics, and its decision to actively promote a resolution creating impetus for further dialogue and interaction in the field of statistics, stems from its role as former co-chair of the Open Working Group, and also from its long-standing leadership activities in the UN Statistical Commission.

The role of statistics and reliable data in general, and also in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the future sustainable development agenda have been reconfirmed time and time again. There is a need to advance innovation and analysis, to support national data capacities and a global data partnership. Since statistics are at crossroads, there is no more opportune moment and method to affirm this, than in a GA resolution that brings worldwide focus to the topic.

The World Statistics Day creates a universal platform that enhances visibility, facilitates the organization of events, and the achievement of synergies. The initiative provides a universal framework for, and new focus on, statistical activities. However, its concrete utilization on the national, regional and international levels remains in the hands of the different stakeholders, based on their special circumstances, needs and priorities.

Already the first World Statistics Day in 2010, was an overwhelming success with activities being organized in more than 130 Member States and territories, and by at least 40 international and regional organizations and entities. We have every reason to presume that these results will be surpassed in 2015.

Mr. President,

In conclusion, I thank Member States for their support and constructive participation in the open and transparent consultations. We also appreciate the qualified support of the truly cross-regional group of co-sponsors, reflecting the universal recognition of statistics and its role in creating “Better lives”. In this spirit, Hungary and the cosponsors respectfully call on all Member States to support the draft resolution.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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